Meet Diane Malloy, Your Municipal Clerk / Registrar of Statistics

Getting to Know Diane

If you step into Harrison Township Municipal Building, you’ll most likely run into the Municipal Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics of Harrison Township. This hefty title belongs to twelve-year township team member, Diane Malloy. As Municipal Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics, she is the Secretary to the governing body, the Chief Administrator of Elections; and maintains all government records including birth, death and marriage records.

Diane told us, “I love my job, especially getting to interact and help residents every day.”  She added that, “I am proud to work directly for our mayor and township committee; I get to see first-hand how hard they work in their roles as public servants to the residents.”

Getting Personal

Diane was raised in Bucks County and growing up, her favorite subject was English. She said, “Till this day I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to grammar. “ She started working at 14 as a waitress, with a smile she declared, “I was a terrible waitress.”  Diane loves writing and drawing. She shared that her father was a talented artist/cartoonist. Diane’s hobbies include collecting timepieces. She displays her finds in a room devoted to clocks and hourglasses. She has lived in South Harrison Township for 19 years. She reminded us that it was a part of Harrison Township until 1883. She appreciates that much of our area is rural community.  She told us, “I love the farmlands and open space…”

A Romantic Story

Diane and her husband Steve have three daughters, Josie, 34; Stephanie, 31; Daneen, 30 and one son, DJ, who is 35. They met while their children were young on an online dating service. She explains, “This was long before online dating was a thing. We never wanted to encourage our then teenage children to ‘socialize’ online until they were adults. They believed that we met at a local pizza place!”

Diane shares a heartfelt story, “We went to Disney World and had breakfast with the characters. It was there that Mickey decided he wanted to propose to Minnie, but he needed to practice his proposal. He came over to our table dressed in his Mickey Mouse tuxedo and got down on one knee in front of me. When he stepped aside, Steve was kneeling behind him with a rose and a ring!  I was in shock… the kids were jumping for joy …and the restaurant exploded in applause!” Awwwww!

Well, as you probably guessed, she said yes! Next year is Diane and Steve’s 20th wedding anniversary and they plan on renewing their vows.  Fingers crossed that Mickey and Minnie will make an appearance!

Next time you find yourself at the Harrison Township Municipal building, introduce yourself to Diane Malloy. When you’re talking to this warm, charming and funny lady, you can’t help but smile the whole time. We certainly were!