Raising Funds for AEDs!

The HTPD protects the people of the township 24/7 and now it's time to give back! Help the HTPD reach a goal of $10,000 to put AEDs (automated external defibrillator), in each patrol car.

Rick Pescatore needs your help in fundraising to purchase six AEDs (automated external defibrillator) for our local police department. Did you know that 80% of police officers are called to a patient in cardiac arrest? With an AED, the likelihood of surviving increases by 25%.


The Harrison Township Police Department provides 24/7 care and protection for nearly 15,000 residents and is responsible for first medical response throughout the 20 square miles that hold our homes, schools, and workplaces. Officers are highly trained in law enforcement as well as critical medical first aid and lifesaving maneuvers–skills they’re called upon to when seconds matter most! In the State of New Jersey, police arrive first to medical emergencies nearly 40% of the time.

While up to 95% of the municipal police agencies in NJ carry defibrillators, HTPD needs our help! These devices increase the likelihood of surviving a cardiac arrest by 25%. When seconds count, having our police equipped with AEDs makes all the difference.

While we hope these devices never need to be used, the data shows that almost 80% of officers are called to a patient in cardiac arrest every year. Coupled with dedicated training to guarantee their effectiveness, we hope to have these units in service as soon as possible.

Rick Pescatore has nearly reached his goal of ensuring every police vehicle in Harrison Township is equipped with these lifesaving devices—your donation can help us make the difference!

All funds collected will be used to buy AEDs for the Harrison Township Police Department. Please help Rick make sure our local police are ready for the worst!