Keeping your home safe with an electrical system check up

An electrical system checkup is a simple and inexpensive way to assure the safety of your home and prevent costly accidents in the future.

I’m looking forward to writing the new home improvement segment of Happening in the Hill.

Each month my team and I will be providing tips of the trade that I’ve learned through my 35 years in construction. I was trained and started in construction as an electrician, so it’s only natural that the subject for my first article is about checking your home’s electrical systems. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

When to get an electrical safety check?

I often explain to our friends, families and clients that a periodic electrical safety check is a simple and inexpensive way to assure that your home’s electrical system is in safe working order. Every year, there are numerous of deaths, thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars’ worth of damage caused from failures in electrical systems.

I recommend that when your home reaches 10 years of age, you get an annual electrical safety check.

Tony Onesti, US Construction Group

The question is; “how often is periodic?”. A new home or business does well with the rigorous initial inspection of the local electrical inspector prior to your Certificate of Occupancy. As advances in residential electric technology are made, they are keeping new builds safer. Many of these safety advancements can be easily installed in an older home. Also, most people don’t recognize that certain home electrical components can just simply wear out over time. As these mechanisms reach the end of their life span, failure is a much greater risk. For these reasons, I recommend that when your home reaches 10 years of age, you get an annual electrical safety check.

Elements of a professional electrical safety check

A professional safety check will include checking your electrical panel, outlets, switches, circuits and other critical infrastructure. We always make sure that smoke and CO2 detectors are checked as well – it is a simple test and so essential to a family’s safety. Of course, this is not a complete list. A homeowner should expect a licensed electrician to provide a list of points of inspection and a summary report of their findings, including recommendations and risks when their safety check is complete.

For most people their home is one of their family’s largest assets. And like any investment that should be protected, an electrical system check is a simple preventative measure. Finding out if your house gets the “all clear” electrically is an easy way to give you peace of mind.

Common items to check during an electrical safety check:

  • electrical panel
  • outlets
  • switches
  • circuits
  • smoke detectors
  • CO2 detectors
  • other critical infrastructure

More About the Author:

Tony Onesti is the founder and owner of US Construction Group and US Electrical Construction Co., Inc., located on Main St. He has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and was born and raised a South Jersian. He lives in Woodstown with his wife Sherry where they raised their daughter and son. He has a passion for supporting local commerce, all things construction and of course his family. Tony authors articles on home maintenance, improvement, and construction in a desire to share his expertise with his neighbors and friends.

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