Cost-saving Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Functioning Well This Fall

An electrical system checkup is a simple and inexpensive way to assure the safety of your home and prevent costly accidents in the future.

As I sit here writing my second monthly article, and how we all woke up this morning to the crisp, almost fall like air, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little bit about our HVAC systems. The change of the seasons from summer to fall makes an excellent time to give your system some attention and possible upgrades.

So first we all need to set a reminder for maintenance. We all rely on our smartphones to remind us of everything from work deadlines, lunch dates to our grocery list. Use your smartphone or the power of home automation to set a reminder to schedule your HVAC maintenance. Regular maintenance can help correct small problems before they turn into potentially costly ones. If your system has a smart thermostat, this will also notify you of maintenance items.

One of the basic steps to a healthy system is to change or clean your filters regularly depending on your use and the type of filter. If you have a standard one inch thick fiberglass filter and use your system regularly, I would change it every 30 days. If you have an upgraded pleated four inch filter, usually every 6 months is fine. My rule of thumb for the larger four inch is to change them when you first use the A/C around April or May and again when you first use the heat in October or November.

I also recommend having a HVAC professional do a yearly inspection of your system to have all your pressures, valves, condensate lines, burner combustion and fans checked to keep them in proper working order. This is usually pretty inexpensive and a good way to avoid other major repairs.

Now I would like to talk about some potential ways to save energy costs. As we mentioned above about a smart thermostat, if you don’t have one I would recommend getting one installed. With these new thermostats, you can set temperatures when you’re not home or at work. Log into them remotely from your smartphone to adjust temp when on your way home from vacation or work. You can also purchase remote sensors that will work with them from other rooms in your home and average the temps of those rooms. This usually helps with those cold spots along with balancing your air flow.

Use of ceiling fans in the summer months can really help keep A/C costs lower as well as in the winter by reversing the fans and moving the warm air off the ceilings to the living spaces.
Window shading can also help dramatically reduce the temps in your home in the summer by reducing the sun’s rays from coming in. Adding weather stripping, insulation and caulking around doors and window openings around your home can prevent your conditioned and heated air from escaping to the outdoors. Start first in your attic as this is a major source of heat gain and loss.

Until next month, all of us here at US Construction Group wish you well and ask that you stay Harrison Strong! Please do your part “Wear a Mask”!


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Tony Onesti is the founder and owner of US Construction Group and US Electrical Construction Co., Inc., located on Main St. He has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and was born and raised a South Jersian. He lives in Woodstown with his wife Sherry where they raised their daughter and son. He has a passion for supporting local commerce, all things construction and of course his family. Tony authors articles on home maintenance, improvement, and construction in a desire to share his expertise with his neighbors and friends.

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