Joe Wilson, HTFD Volunteer and Your Hometown Hero of the Week

Whether it's a fire or money laundering scheme, our hometown hero Joe Wilson is hot on the trail, ready to put out the fires, and the crime.

Today we have the privilege of sharing a very important hometown hero of the week. Joe Wilson is both a Volunteer Firefighter as well as a Fraud and Money Laundering Investigation Manager.

“I joined the Volunteer Firehouse in 2017 because I have always felt a duty and a desire to serve those around me. I expected the duty to be fulfilling, however, the pride on my kids face when I leave for a call and the joy when I return safely has made it extra special” said Joe when asked what his favorite part about the job is.

Joe’s hobbies include hunting, staying active outside, or playing with his two awesome kids and hangin’ out with his lovely wife.

When we asked Joe what he would say to someone who wanted to join, he gave us this answer:

  1. The satisfaction of helping your community is unmatched.
  2. There is a bonding camaraderie amongst firefighters.
  3. Sign up! There is a place for everyone.

Please tune in every week to read about more of our amazing hometown heroes!

The Harrison Township Fire District #1 is made up of Harmony and Ewan Fire Company’s. Both fire companies meet or drill on Tuesday nights starting at 1900 hours. If you are interested in joining and supporting your community , please stop by either firehouse on Tuesday nights.

Harmony Fire Company
4 South Main Street
Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Ewan Fire Company
312 Ewan Road
Mullica Hill, New Jersey