Miracle on Main – A NEW Celebration

Due to the COVID crisis, it became apparent in summer that the best event in Gloucester County would be canceled. That didn't stop us from staying Harrison Strong, and organizing a brand new event that's safe during COVID-19 - Miracle on Main!

To Our Harrison Family,

The seasonal transition this time of year also marks the run-up to our community’s signature event, Lights on Main. Our tree-lighting extravaganza every Thanksgiving Saturday is universally known as the best event in the county and draws an estimated 8,000+ people to Main Street.

It became apparent by late summer that the COVID crisis would make this joyous occasion an impossibility. Another grain of sand on the mountain of stress and hardship that 2020 has brought to our doorstep. But the spirit rooted in the Harrison Strong mindset refused to accept that reality. Our leadership team and Recreation Commission members sought safe alternatives to provide a different version of the Lights on Main experience.

After weeks of discussions and considerations, the concept began to crystalize…and Miracle on Main was born! This will be different, as the circumstances require. Main Street will not be closed down, no horse & buggy rides or sitting on Santa’s lap and there will not be the singular moment of lighting the tree. However, our team has come up with some incredible plans that continue our tradition and extend it for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Committeewoman Julie DeLaurentis has been quarterbacking this process along with our Recreation Commission leadership and our partners at Happening in the Hill. I sat down with Julie for a 15-minute conversation about how this will play out and she even gives us a glimpse of what’s coming as we transform Main Street into a Christmas Village the day after Thanksgiving. Take a moment to watch my discussion with Julie for more inside information about Miracle on Main!


Together for Harrison Township,
Lou Manzo
Your Mayor