Fun & Fit Aftercare is Now Registering for 2022/23 School Year

Fun & Fit's unique before- and after-school care provides academic support, physical development and creative play.

Fun & Fit creates an environment and programming that enrich your school-age child’s experience before and after school hours. Combining academic support, physical development and creative play into a unique experience for your child(ren).

Fun & Fit features a structured and high-energy physical activity curriculum. Activities includes Parkour Skills, Obstacle Courses (“Ninja Warrior” without the water!), Relays, Yoga, Tai Chi and more. The activities focus on development of motor skills, kinetic awareness, balance, strength and endurance. In addition, the program assures homework time with support for HTS/PVS reading programs (SSR). Laptops are available for academic support (Khan Academy, Reflex Math and online research).

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