Mayors Message

Mayor Manzo's Easter and Passover holiday wishes.

Dear Fellow Resident,

As we enter April and feel the beginning of the spring season in the air, those of the Christian and Jewish faiths worldwide are set to celebrate Easter and Passover, respectively. 

Easter, observed this weekend, is the Christian community’s celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion. 

Passover began yesterday April 5th; it is the retelling of the Jewish people’s story and their journey from slavery to freedom.

Both holidays are connected to the transition from the winter season. As spring triggers nature’s new life and rebirth, the resurrection of Jesus symbolizes a rebirth. Passover also celebrates the beginning of the spring agricultural season.

The changes of seasons are not the only similarities of these holidays. Both are observed by gathering with family and community, dining with friends and loved ones with traditional dishes and customs, and the telling of stories.   

On behalf of Deputy Mayor, Julie DeLaurentis and Township Committee members, Michelle Powell, Jeffrey Jacques, and Lawrence Moore, we wish our township team and those in our community of the Christian and Jewish faiths, a happy and healthy Easter and Passover.

Together for Harrison Township,
Lou Manzo
Your Mayor