Getting Local in the Hill

Your friends and neighbors in Harrison Township have a lot to offer! Get the best local deals and exclusive stories of local businesses and township celebridents (celebrity residents) by getting local with what’s happening in the hill!

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Getting Local

A Families’ Life Changing Event

Jody McQuade, Mullica Hill resident, recalls the day there was a mass shooting at her son Sean’s school. Jody shares how this event changed each family member, the story of their recovery and updates on how Sean and her family are today.

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Getting Local

Historical Society Coupon Book

Save $100s at local merchants and support a great cause for only $10! All proceeds from the Historical Society coupon book support their endeavors, Old Town Hall Museum and Richwood Academy Cultural Center.

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Expert Articles

Peace of Mind with a Backup Generator

When a storm hits, you may find yourself powerless. It can be hard to get through your daily activities with such a disruption, having a back-up generator can help you avoid this situation.

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