Harrison Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Here you’ll find Hotlines, Websites, and Support Services  available for residents and businesses. In addition to local contact information. Visit OEM

Harrison Township COVID-19 Special Assistance 

If you or someone you know in our community requires special assistance or help during the COVID-19 crisis, please complete the special assistance form here. Harrison Township’s Office of Emergency will contact you. 

NJ Department of Health COVID-19 Homepage

The New Jersey Department of Health provides a wealth of information    including guidance for travelers, resources for healthcare providers, and informational materials. Click to view homepage.

Ask Your COVID-19 Questions 

This site provides what you need to know about COVID-19 and the opportunity to ask your questions online. More Information

COVID-19 Disinformation and Rumor Control –

There is no reason to listen to hearsay and rumors. Get clarification by clicking here.

CDC COVID -19 Homepage

This Covid-19 dedicated page is sponsored by the CDC. It provides updates,  information and the latest news. Click to Visit