Meet the Author: Ellen J. Green

Dive into a true crime case with local ties at this meet and greet with Ellen J. Green, the New Jersey author and novelist behind “Murder in the Neighborhood: The True Story of America’s First Recorded Mass Shooting.”

BeSmart: Gun Safety at Home Online Program

Keep a gun in a home with children? Learn about the best ways to keep children from accessing guns stored at home with this virtual presentation by representatives of nonprofit organization BeSmart.

Bonaparte in Bordentown

History buffs and curious learners, come out to hear Monmouth University’s Dr. Richard Veit present the fascinating story of Joseph Bonaparte’s remarkable sojourn in America.

Best Practices for Starting a Business

Calling all entrepreneurs, the NJ Bar Foundation Speakers Bureau provides useful information and best practices on how to start your own small business.

Revolutionary Women: Writing About War

March is Women’s History Month! The library is hosting the Museum of the American Revolution for a virtual discussion on Revolutionary Women and their important roles at such a pivotal time in our nation’s history.

David Mills Poetry – Tribute to Slavery in New York City

In celebration of Black History Month join us for a poetry reading by author, David Mills. Mr. Mills will share his poetry and insights from his book of poems, Boneyarn, the first book of poems that explores slavery in New York City.