Getting Local in the Hill

Your friends and neighbors in Harrison Township have a lot to offer! Get the best local deals and exclusive stories of local businesses and township celebridents (celebrity residents) by getting local with what’s happening in the hill!

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Expert Articles

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. Local expert, Pat Settar, provides insight into this strategy.

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Getting Local

Honor a Veteran with a Memorial Brick

Pay tribute to someone who has served or is currently serving in the military by ordering a memorial brick. These new bricks will be added to the William Wilt Memorial. Orders must be received by March 3rd.

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Getting Local

Fun Kids Activities This Spring!

There are lots of fun kids activities in the Hill. Check out Tumblin’ Tots – a fun movement, music, and learning activity, or the 2023 Aquatics Programs which offers several options from Learn to Swim classes to their Developmental Swim Team.

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Getting Local

Homeward Bound at Critical Level of Capacity

Homeward Bound, a local animal welfare agency, is at a critical level with nearly 150 dogs being housed. This level requires the use of all available floor space and pop-up shelters. They are in urgent need of loving families to adopt and foster families willing to help.

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