Getting Local in the Hill

Your friends and neighbors in Harrison Township have a lot to offer! Get the best local deals and exclusive stories of local businesses and township celebridents (celebrity residents) by getting local with what’s happening in the hill!

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Expert Articles

Preparing your home for bad weather events

No one could have predicted the extent of destruction the recent tornado brought to the Mullica Hill area. With that in mind, I feel it’s important to take time to discuss how to prepare your family and property for future bad weather events.

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Getting Local

Honoring William Walter Wilt

On September 11 we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the death of William Water Wilt, Mullica Hill resident, Purple Heart Recipient and the namesake of our beloved Soccer Complex.

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Getting Local

Get to Know Village Bagels

Happening in the Hill sat down with founder and owner Curtis Atkins of Mullica Hill’s favorite Bagel Shop, Village Bagels. Curtis opened VB (known to locals) over 26 years ago.

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